D&D 3.5 Languages (Expanded Languages)

In dungeons and dragons we have 5 common 3.5e languages. Now we are going to mention those expanded Languages. Before we are going to mention those languages just read the below heading.

Expanded Languages:

Actually, dungeons and dragons has quite a few languages which were shared among the multiple species and also the races (not only this but also more languages specific to the races), even it seems to have skipped over the few obvious entries.

Now we are going to get the general languages which are designed to cover the groups but not covered by the base rules.

Common Language (3.5 Languages) And Their Alphabets

Check the below table and also get the common languages and also their alphabets.

LangauageTypical SpeakerAlphabet
Aklo*Eldritch Beings, Elder EvilsCommon
AnarchChaotic OutsidersSlaadi
AxialInevitable, Lawful OutsidersCelestial and Infernal
UmbralCreatures from the Shadow PlaneAbyssal


The aklo said to be a crude attempt at the understanding of the foreboding hauting wails from the begins beyond veil of the reality and it is normally written in the common alphabets.


It is a logical and also the artificial language and also blending together celestial, infernal, and also complex equations, grammar rules too. This anarch has Slaadi alphabets.


This Axial Language is a translation tool which is help to convert the Slaadi, Protean and also whatever made up language some of the mad members of the chaos plans have been made up and also converted into a language technically decipherable by the others.


Necril is an ancient language who spoken oftenely by the undead and also associated with the necromancy and also the dark arts too.


Umbral is the spooky sounding language and it was spoken by the things which are lurking within the shadow plane.

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