Helm Of Comprehending Languages

The helm of comprehending languages are like all other 5e languages which we have known from the dungeons & dragons and this helm d&d has some major features which are highly recommended to have all the dnd characters to protect themselves from the other enemies.

So let us discuss some more deeply about this helm of comprehend languages and read magic, so the below aspects should be follow.

D&D 5E Helm Of Comprehending Languages

Whenever our creature wearing this dnd helm then we can use an action to cast Comprehend Languages spell from it at will.

Now we are going to get the best attributes of this helm d&d so let us start.


Adventuring Gear (Wondrous Item, Head)
Category: Items
Item Rarity: Uncommon

These are the attributes and also the performance of this helm of comprehend languages and now we are going to discuss about the read magic.

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Comprehend Languages And Read Magic

Actually, when it appearing as a normal helmet, read magic and a helm of comprehend language then grants its wearer the ability to understand which are spoken by the any creature and also to read the text in any languages and even in any magical writing too. To understand messages which are written in incomplete, archaic, or exotic forms can be understand by the wearer which gains +5 competence bonus on the decipher script. But in terms of understanding a magical text does not necessarily mean to imply a spell use. The helm of comprehend languages price is 5,200 gp; weight 3 lb.


In this helm d&d 5e we have many features to be a heroic character in the dungeons & dragons role playing game, we also provided each and every aspect of this d&d 5e helm and of course you might have may platforms to know about this helm dnd 5e but this is the best platform to know each and every thing about this d&d 5e language.

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