Infernal Language (Dungeons & Dragons)

In dungeons & dragons game we have various 5e languages with two different categories such as exotic 5e languages and standard languages 5e. So in those categories we have infernal language so in this article we are going to discuss about the d&d infernal language so have a look at this article.

Infernal is the devils language and previously it was the language of the baatezu. It has its own script that is “Infernal”.

Infernal Language 5e (D&D)

Actually, this Infernal language is for devils and they can speak and write one of these dnd 5e languages. When Asmodeus’s stern landed at the bottom of the pit, this infernal language will be formed simultaneously on the Asmodeus’s stern lips and it is a painfully rigorous language. This 5e language usually uses the mathematical rigid grammar and it is the best pronounced with the tongue of forked or wriggling. In infernal if we have to construct any of the given statement there is only one exact way exists.

The devils are the quick guide to mock nonnative speakers, Except when ever in disguise they will find the urgue which is useful to correct their errors when ever these devils speak or write infernal which is nearly impossible to resist.

The infernal language’s alphabet use the thirty-three geometric glyphs and they composed all of straight lines and it includes a second character set for the mathematical symbols and also for numbers. For philosophy or poetry it is the poor one and for the accounting and for the record keeping the infernal tongue is the ideal language. Demons are the typical speakers of this language and they have little interest in any written word and use the devolved form of the infernal alphabet.

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Infernal Language Translator

We have bought the below alphabets, you can compare them from the english language to infernal language respectively. So let us know the infernal words which are translated from the english language.

Infernal Language 5e small

Infernal Language 5e numbers

Infernal Language Alphabets : I k t v y o q m xe b c d p l a e n r w z f j s g h x

English Alphabets: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Like the above mentioned alphabets we can translate any language to infernal language by using the infernal language translator.

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